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About Andy Burt

Andy Burt is The Wall Nut .......a gifted, energetic and unique personality who rediscovered his passion for artistic painting in mid-life. Prior to becoming The Wall Nut, Andy spent 20 years in the corporate world utilizing his "left brain" while also raising his three "almost- perfect" children. Meanwhile, his creative juices and artistic talents (the right brain stuff) began bubbling up and eventually surfaced.  Andy's first mural was for his son's bedroom. With his artistic passions rekindled, the idea of sharing his gifts with others was the catylyst for starting The Wall Nut


Andy paints all types of murals, with most any theme, but he specializes in children's murals because it combines two of his greatest passions.......artistic painting and making children smile.  As Andy puts it, "The gift of brightening the life of a child with my murals is one of the greatest blessings that God has bestowed upon me."  

​Andy is an Atlanta native (yes, there are a few left) and has lived in Georgia all of his life.  He grew up in Decatur, attended high school in Dekalb County (Henderson) and graduated from the University of Georgia. He currently lives in Cumming, GA. His primarly artistic influences have been his mother (Harriet Allen Burt), his high school art instructor (Charles Mays) and local art instructor Rick Rennick.   

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